Skriv till Frattini!

Jag skrev just ett brev till Frattini som en reaktion till hans förslag att förbjuda ord på internet. Så här skrev jag:
Dear Sir,
I read about your proposal to censor Internet and limit searches for things like bombs and terrorism. Although I'm sure your intentions are good, I think that such a measure would be completely in vain.

Instead of preventing terrorism, you would severely cripple basic democratic rights such as freedom of speech and freedom of the press. This is of course exactly what the terrorists want. To frighten us into actions that will prevent our modern way of life. The bad guys will find the information they need anyhow. They always do.

The proposal has not been well received in Swedish newspapers where readers often have a chance to comment or to blog about what they find in the internet editions. I will refrain from quoting the comments verbatim. Let's just say that your proposal is incredibly unpopular. Words like Dictatorship, China, KGB, are mixed with indignation over EU's priorities. Is this what we pay taxes for?

This is the first time I write to a member of the EU commission. I do it because I have a hard time understanding how this proposal was ever conceived. The fact that we can communicate freely over Internet is the best guarantee we have for piece. It nourishes a global, cross culture understanding. Censoring nourishes fear, uncertanty, and doubt. All good foundations for war.

How can you even consider limiting the Internet? Please, PLEASE, reconsider this.
Ta och skriv du med. Den här killen behöver lite påtryckningar. Här finns inmatningsformuläret för mail till Frattini.


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